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Table it! is an application developed to assist special needs students in organizing their world of knowledge, improving their cognitive skills, and supporting their expressive capabilities. The application invites the student to organize knowledge and experiences in various fields, from the closest and personal circle to the most general circle, world knowledge, through a unique and user friendly tool for creating tables. The tool is open, which means that it can be used to create tables that are personally adapted to the student’s abilities and preferences. The application comes with a broad range of examples that can be used as the basis for creating complete tables suited for the student.

Table it! is a tool intended for the development of organized thought and sorting and generalization skills: an application that focuses on organizing information, extracting information, and developing the cognitive skills of sorting and generalization. The tool offers an interactive working environment for collecting data and sorting it into categories based on personal choice, and according to each concept’s level of representation for the individual. The application is accompanied by a various examples of activities suited for different levels of functioning, in order to invite effective activity.

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