Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

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Poloniex is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It provides the highest trading volumes for most altcoin that can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

The exchange was founded by Tristan d Agosto in January 2014, Many of the staff Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange Review still remain anonymous, probably because digital currencies are still in the sector of shadow economy and they do not have a license for the provision of exchange services in the United States. The company is based in San Francisco, California. Initially, the exchange focused on the United States market, but the General popularity and large volumes of trading attracted altcoin traders from around the world.

The service works and develops figures that the main evidence — the daily turnover is over $ 989$ million needless to say, Polonecks today on the crest of a wave.

Poloniex or Polo is probably the most famous exchange of altcoins. It offers a large number of cryptocurrency pairs, which allows experienced traders to create a great portfolio of their choice in a short time.
Poloniex, a digital asset trading service that allows cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchanges, has merged with Circle, a fintech startup that makes products using blockchain technology. (For more, see What is Poloniex?)

The Goldman Sachs-backed Circle acquired Poloniex in a deal reportedly worth $400 million. The immediate focus of the two teams will be on effective scaling of their respective operations, and they will work together to address customer-support issues and operations expansion.

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